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Polina Korshunova

September 01, 2022

Applying to Hungary

Firstly, I want to say "Thank you for your help and support". It is a really great company, which can help you in preparation for study abroad. I have no problem during the whole year in preparation and this is perfect.

I won financial support from them a year ago because I just decided to be a part of the whole community. After we started to find different programs , which will be suitable for me! It was really fast and easy for me like a client their company. I worked with nice people, who made me confident in my abilities because I had a lot of doubts, but we made it together. I am very thankful for the team and whole community. This was nice experience for me.

I really recommend it! No doubt that I will say about this project to all my friends and will say a lot of nice things for a long time.

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