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Lesya Portachova

July 22, 2022

Investment to the happy future

I want to give my honest opinion of this fabulous firm. I always thought application process is that hard that it's near to impossible to go study abroad. I was in awe of people who did it. I was dreaming, but I didn't do anything - because of the lack of the information. Once I came across their instagram account, I decided no matter what go abroad. For some time I was using the free version. It motivated me a lot. I could join the online meetings where mentors - guys with the international experience - discuss important topics such as how to write the motivational letter, career workshops, impressions of accepted students and even how to care about your mental health when studying! There I firstly heard about the DSU scholarship in Italy. That helped me a lot to plan my applying process. Then I decided to buy the premium summer version. I have got the access to the platform: all you need is here. You can find your potential program among thousands, read real life mentor's stories and experiences about particular country. There is a lot of guides with tons of information to help you and much more.

The free consultation is included in your premium access. Recently I scheduled the meeting with Maria Sivkova. It was great to ask the professional assistance. I was as happy as a clam at high tide because all of my questions were answered. I'm thankful to the company for the chance for the better future. The mission to help young perspective students is respectable.

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